We are the witches they forgot to burn

I am a Witch. And I believe, if you have a pussy, you are one too. 

So what the hell is a Witch?

In pagan times a Witch was a womxn who was tapped into their innate wisdom, they had a deep connection to the natural world, to the spirit world, they had nurturing and healing capacities, they knew how to dance with darkness as deeply light, and above all, they believed in magic. 

When the church came to rise, the story of Jesus taught the world and Mary became the idyllic womxn. Faithful, trusting, loving… a virgin.

The qualities of the Witch did not align with the church’s ideals, in fact, Witches scared the shit out of the church, out of men who sought total power. 

And nothing scared man more than the Witches capacity to thrive in the shadows. So they used the only tool they had left. Violence and manipulation.


The ancient Celtic festival, once known as Samhain, was held at the beginning of every winter.

On this night the Crone Goddess would mourn the loss of the Elder God, Summer, and the boundary between the world of the living and the dead became it’s thinnest. People would dress in costumes to ward off evil spirits and candles were lit to welcome spirits of departed loved ones.

This Pagan tradition was deeply sentimental and the church knew they couldn’t deter the people from celebrating and so instead created another celebration, All Saints’ Day, also called All-hallows or All-hallowmas. 

Violence. After years of the church’s legal and theological attacks on the heretics of Witches / witchcraft / sorcery / devil worship – irrational fear and a persecution, mentality was born.

Witches (womxn) were blamed for misfortunes of illness, crop failure, storms, rivalry, family feuds, livestock, politics, death, even sexual dysfunction.

The words ‘wit’ once meaning wise, ‘hag’ once meaning holy womxn, and ‘whore’ once meaning priestess were slowly contorted by venomous tongues to become blasphemous, dirty, shame-mongering words.

Witches helplessly watched as darkness encapsulated ‘man’ and soon, the Witch hunts began.

Witches were outed by the thousands. Womxn (Witches) were forced to turn on one another to save their own lives. And thus was born the word ‘bitch.’

With quick trials they were sentenced, burned and hung.

Fear was born and Witches went underground. And their legacy was left tainted in shame.

Oh yes, they did a very good job at changing an entire culture with fear, extermination, and indoctrination so embedded that children walked around the streets dressed up and receiving candy with absolutely no comprehension as to why.

Witches faded into the darkness of society’s mind.

But within all light there is darkness, and within all darkness there is light. 

Those of us who were not burned. Not hung. Lived on. Those who were hung or burned were reincarnated. Generations of little Witches kept on being born. And those little Witches kept on feeling that something about them was a little bit… different. A little bit …. magic. 

But it was scary to be different, especially among womxn, you see womxn – bitches, had been the biggest betrayal. For no betrayal is greater than that of a sister.

And yet throughout the centuries, as the little Witches grew more brave  they started to confide in their sisters. ‘This is something about me.’ he little sister would reply, ‘Me too’. 

Sistahood returned me to my realisation that I am a Witch. That I always knew I was.

I remembered the whole of my truth. The darkness to my light. 

You see light doesn’t mean ‘good’. And dark doesn’t mean ‘bad’. They both exist equally in a world of polarities. 

We are born from darkness, the depths of the womb is where we were created, where we grew. Beneath the soil is black and that is where a seed takes root. In the darkness of someone’s pain is where you find their true light. 

To practice witchcraft is to say:

Yes, I am powerful. 

Yes, I am a sovereign being. 

Yes, I can manifest my reality. 

Yes, nature is where I truly feel at home. 

Yes, all the answers I seek are within me. 

I trust my intuition. 

I know my existence is pure magic. 

So, Witch, are you ready to make magic again?

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Chloe Adriana

I'm a Radical Radiance Coach - telling tales about my journey, learnings and beliefs about finding radiance from rupture.

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