Lover Nature

The sexuality of nature.

The tangible memory of fucking in nature stays with you long after. Your arousal at the risk of getting caught, your vulnerability in the borderless outdoors.

It’s a newly discovered kind of sexuality to be naked outside like the thrill of skinny dipping for the first time — rule breaking, body liberating, addictive.

It’s the surface upon which you fuck; soft sand that gives way to the curves of your body, the bark of a tree that scratches pleasingly against your back as you are thrust deeply, the sound of lapping water that synchronises with the sound of your moist sex.

But is it more primal than this?

Could it be possible that in these moments nature herself is playing a part in arousing us, secretly loving to be involved in our sexual adventures? Like a voyeur, giving in to temptation when it becomes too much.

If this is the case then I wonder, if I let her, would nature have her own way with me?

Cim encourages me to walk towards any spot that I feel drawn to.

Cim is a Swedish photographer who empowers and liberates women with the lens of her camera. Her latest project, ‘Body Love’, explores and honours the female body in all its beauty.

Naked, I obey her request and begin to follow my internal compass. I feel my bare feet sink into the forest floor, the fresh smell of moss being released with every curious step. A gentle wind tickles the parts of my body normally kept from public view as I allow myself to be drawn forwards. Through the birch trees I see a shower of light streaming down upon a large rock — my throne.

I mount my throne like a wild pixie and Cim lets out an excited gasp, encouraging me to proceed as though she wasn’t there, as though I was entirely alone, in my own world.

As the wandering pixie I stand tall and present myself to the sun shower. Arching the back of my neck I begin to bathe — allowing my skin to be kissed by the rays. I feel the heat intensify as though the sun is pleased by my surrender — my nipples harden.

I dismount and kneel down to wrap myself around my throne absorbing its beautiful textures of moss, leaves and coarse, cold stone. My breath quickens as my senses start to salivate and I feel my buttocks clench — how to bring my yoni closer?

My mind has left me and my body is taking over. I fall back into the moss and am held by a bed of foliage. I pick up a cone, it’s lingam appearance makes my yoni instantly pulsate. Yielding it I dreamily caress my breasts, my navel, down to my own foliage.

Cim squeals, unable to contain her excitement — we are enchanted and barely speak a word as I drift dreamily through the forest following my compass once more. As I edge the forest a field of lupine call my name — their alluring perfume, vibrant purple petals, and tall proud stalks make me smirk — Nature you are a show off.

This time I need no encouragement, I am intoxicated with nature’s sexuality and immediately present my arse to a lupin, grinding up along its firm stalk. I pluck one from the earth and begin to caress my wanting skin — the soft texture like a tender lover.

By the time we wrap up the shoot Cim is ecstatic and I am riding what seriously feels like a post coital high — I am beaming from ear to ear, my skin is flushed pink and a deep sensation of relaxation washes over me.

I hadn’t intended or imagined that my naked nature shoot would become erotosicm, or that I would be so aroused by Mother Nature. Yet it felt so natural.

Nature is a sexual being. Flowers are the sexual organs displaying themselves to the bee so that they will be pollinated and continue their existence. The wind is the unpredictable passion that awakens us to our wanting. Moss is the bed for the forest to mate upon. The sun is the dominant master, who we all depend upon. Water is wet flowing nectar that signals surrender.

I don’t need a lover, a camera, a cause or the thrill of being caught to enjoy nature in its sexual form. Nature is a sexual being and we should let her enjoy us just as much as we enjoy her.

When I die I will decompose and become a part of nature, maybe she is always calling me home. I am under no illusion that right now in this humanly body I am not also a part of nature. I am. Maybe I don’t want to call her Mother Nature anymore. After all, I wouldn’t do the things I’ve been thinking about doing with nature, with my Mum.

Images by the power house woman herself, Cim Ek

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Published by

Chloe Adriana

I'm a Radical Radiance Coach - telling tales about my journey, learnings and beliefs about finding radiance from rupture.

2 thoughts on “Lover Nature”

  1. Hawwt diggettyy dawggsss!! Love you backing up into that delicious soft purple
    Flower! I actually imagined what it would feel like to have those petals caress me softly around my sensitive areas. ✨
    Thanks for reminding us of the beauty and sensual sexyness we can have by ourselves and under the sky. 🙌🏾


    1. Thank you! And Anytime my queen of queens I hope you will be able to make love to a desert flower in near times to come ! ✨✨


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